DRI Fund (“DRI”) Launches A Social Impact Fund Aimed At Providing Innovative Financing To Communities That Are Underserved By Mainstream Banking

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DRI Fund (“DRI”) Launches A Social Impact Fund Aimed At Providing Innovative Financing To Communities That Are Underserved By Mainstream Banking

DRI is the rare combination of an investment manager that is also certified by the US Department of Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (“CDFI”).

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA – MAY 18, 2017 – As an investment manager specializing in the acquisition and management of non-performing mortgage loans, DRI noticed that many of the communities they invested in were lacking access to loans from banks and other traditional sources of credit.

“We realized that many folks from low and moderate income communities just don’t fit into the standard underwriting box needed to obtain a mortgage,” says Steven Kirsch, Managing Director of DRI. “We set out to develop an investment offering that would address this issue and provide access to financing for people who are creditworthy, but don’t meet all the requirements that most lenders need to originate a loan. DRI Mortgage Opportunity Fund was set up to attract private capital to this opportunity by providing attractive risk-adjusted returns and having a social impact.”

DRI received CDFI certification in 2017. To earn CDFI certification, DRI has provided direct financing for its affordable housing and micro lending initiatives in low and moderate income areas. As part of their services, they provide borrowers with intensive financial education counseling, debt management planning, business plan development, and strategies for reducing monthly homeownership costs. DRI also managed a HUD sponsored NSP program designed to create affordable housing by rehabilitating foreclosed home for eventual lease or resale. DRI’s social impact goals include reducing foreclosures, stabilizing distressed neighborhoods, creating jobs and providing financing to underserved communities.


DRI’s professionals have extensive experience in mortgage loan investing and have generated a strong investment track record, while successfully promoting community development. DRI was formed in 2011 to manage a project sponsored by HUD’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program on behalf of the private equity real estate firm American Residential Equities (“ARE”). ARE was in the business of acquiring, managing, and liquidating pools of distressed mortgages as well as originating non-conforming loans and successfully resolved $2.2 billion worth of mortgage transactions. DRI’s management team consists of former executives from ARE and distinguished community development banking executives, who have significant experience in non-performing and performing mortgage loan acquisitions.

For more information visit: DRIFUND.COM


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