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DRI Fund was recently featured in the business section of  The Palm Beach Post. Steven Kirsch, chief operating officer of DRI Fund was quoted for the story.

“Among the new players in the market: DRI Fund of Michigan. In August, DRI leased offices at 625 N. Flagler Drive, the Jupiter Medical Center/Mt. Sinai New York building.

Steven Kirsch, chief operating officer of DRI Fund, said Palm Beach County is becoming “Wall Street South,” filled with private equity firms and family offices. DRI had an office in Fort Lauderdale for a year, but Kirsch this year decided to make the move up to Palm Beach County.

Kirsch said the area has a better talent pool for his industry, which is mortgage investment. In addition, “being around all the other hedge funds and private equity funds was a big draw for us,” he said.

On a personal note, Kirsch also said the county’s schools and lifestyle made West Palm Beach an attractive place to raise his family.”

Read the full story by Alexandra Clough here: Palm Beach County makes case as home for hedge fund firms  

This article also appeared in Advisor News

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